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Safe Haven…

Title: Safe Haven. Nicolas Sparks.
Format: Audiobook (Unabridged). Thanks to Audible.
Rating: 3.1

I like Sparks. I probably shouldn’t and I am sure that some of you out there are going to insist that I can’t possibly appreciate him but I do. I don’t mind formulaic writing if it has an agenda and does a great job of getting you there. Sparks is like that. Of course I expect the themes to be there, but they are executed well and the plot turns the pages. This was no different. I also admit that I am drawn to the North Carolina shores where most of his pages take place … I guess it gets cold and landlocked in Omaha.

Anyway, Safe Haven did not disappoint. While some of the supernatural elements might turn off some of his devoted readers, and I admit that they gave me a start when I encountered them in this book, I think they do move the story and help to provide the catharsis needed to move Katie/Erin along to where she needs to move. We all have a little magic we count on from time to time and I think it was interleaved well into the story. Perhaps not in the ways Alice Hoffman might work it, but certainly with precision and skill.

Check it out.

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